A List of Industrial Safety Equipment’s

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  1. Safety glasses

The important safety equipment worn by workers, safety glasses protect from severe damage caused to the eyes while performing welding or soldering tasks or from the dust and debris produced by certain power tools. They are worn while operating lathe machines to avoid projectiles from entering the eyes.

  1. Hearing protection

Several industrial activities produce higher levels of noise. Daily or frequent exposure to such types of increased noises can cause hearing impairment or hearing loss. Using ear plugs can be of great help in safeguarding against these extreme noises.

  1. Safety gloves

They protect the workers’ hands from chemicals, sharp objects, sensitive materials and extreme temperatures. Look for gloves with proper fitting, must be compatible with material and suitable for the concerned tasks.

  1. Face shield

A face shield protects the workers’ face when using lathe and similar machinery or equipments as it produces plenty of flying chips. They are comfortable and easy to use and can be flipped upwards when not in use.

  1. Safety helmets

These safeguard the most fragile and highly important part of human body- the brain. Safety helmets provide protection against fatal incidents that commonly take place in the industrial work areas.

  1. Safety shoes

The resilient shoes protect the workers feet from potential injuries that occur from any heavy machines and equipments hitting the feet, sharp objects that lacerate the feet and burns to name a few. Safety shoes are more comfortable, provide firm grip and relieve pain from standing for several hours at work in factories, etc.

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