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How Important It Is To Get Your Lab Instruments Calibrated?

How important it is to get your lab instruments calibrated?

Lab instrument calibration plays an important role in various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and medical device companies. It is conducted mainly to assure that the readings or measurements the instrument provides are traceable and accurate.

Key benefits of Lab instrument calibration and value for industry

When performed at regular intervals, instrument calibrations ensure higher accuracy and simultaneously it impacts on the life of lab instruments. Let us understand some of the key benefits:

  1. Lab instrument calibration helps identify the damage or problem related to the instrument. Environmental factors or wear and tear cause minor damages that occur in any instrument. These minor damages if not corrected right away, lab instrument may undergo major damage become totally impractical later on.
  2. Regular instrument calibration is beneficial in avoiding risks such as:
  • Safety and compliance issues
  • Product quality problems
  • High production downtime
  • Excess waste in production
  • Regulatory/ litigation matters
  1. It helps determine the reliability of the lab instrument.

Few steps for successful instrument calibration

  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for calibration frequency intervals.
  • Get your lab instrument calibrated before crucial project avoid using it for other tasks.
  • Calibrating instrument again after taking measurements for crucial project helps to verify accurate readings.
  • If you notice any damage to instrument or if accidentally jolted or dropped, recalibrate to assure accuracy.


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