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Scope Of Energy Audit With Prism

Energy Audit Service Details

We thank you for your interest in Energy Audit. We are quite competent and competitive organization as is evident from as under:

  •  Our team of BEE accredited energy auditors associate Consultant of India under Ministry of power for conducting energy audits under Energy conservation Act 2001 of central govt. of India.
  • We have Highly Qualified and Well Experience technical Team who Carried out your Audit and Documentation Activities as per requirements.
  • We are having latest and highly accurate Instruments and men power having wide experience in Energy Conservation and Audit Field.
  • Study will be conducted covering all the points as per the guidelines provided under clause 5 of Govt. Order No. GHU/99/31/GUE/1196/9018/K1, Dated 5th Oct, 1999 and generally covering following points.
  • We have been generally able to identify Min. 5 — 25% of energy saving potential during our energy audits. We assure you a very professional & comprehensive energy audit of your facilities.

Scope of Work

Module 1 : Electrical Energy Audit :
  • Electricity consumption & Electricity Billing:
  • Electrical Distribution Networks:
  • Transformers
  • Power Factor
  • Metering & Monitoring Status
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Documentation Work
Module – 2 : Electrical, DG Set, Boiler, HVAC and other Plant Machinaries etc..
  • All parts covering as per Module 1 + addition to this following items also covers.
  • CPP/DG Sets
  • Pumps & Blowers
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Other Equipment like Furnace, Heaters, Ovens, Grinder, etc
  • Lighting
Module – 3 : Module 1 + Module 2 + Work Optimisation Solutions + Thermal Audit
  • Along with Module 1 and Moduel 2 It covers following more Things.
  • Thermal Audit
  • Work Optimisation
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