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Everything You Need To Know About Temperature Measurement And Calibration

As one of the crucial measurement factors, temperature measurement is mainly used to monitor and control in varied industries. There are many temperature measurement devices that are used in different industries.

Importance of temperature measurement in varied industries

Let’s discover the ways in which accurate temperature measurement is determined in different industries:

  • Plastic Production

Temperature plays an extremely crucial function in plastic industry. While in the manufacturing phase, various temperature ranges are required to be monitored assuring a higher product quality in injection molding or thermoforming.

  • Food and Beverage Processing

Manufacturers of food and beverage processing understand the importance of temperature control and measurement in their industry. Temperature is considered a vital factor when producing bulk food items.

  • Beverage Industry

To decide on the quality of the end product, measuring temperature is of utmost importance. In wine production or brewing process, fermentation temperature and ambient temperature may have an optimistic or harmful effect. In milk pasteurization process, temperature is crucial to assure removal of harmful pathogens.

  • Metal Processing

For excellent operation, temperature measurement and analysis is important in metal processing and monitoring. Inaccurate temperature measurement can adversely affect the end product quality and risk workplace safety.


At Prism Calibration Centre, we are temperature measuring instrument suppliers in Ahmedabad and provide excellent calibration services also.


It is recommended to get your temperature measurement instruments calibrated for smooth functioning of instruments, great accuracy and enhanced product quality.

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